About Jeevans Gift Foundation

Jeevan’s Gift foundation has been an inspiring movement created by the birth of a new soul – Jeevan Singh Dhaliwal

About Jeevan

We aim to help across the UK, Punjab and other areas around the world that are in desperate need of support. We are a young, vibrant charitable organisation being formed with the hope to win the hearts of the British public. It’s our goal to bring the youthful and intelligent minds of the young generation to help the children that are less fortunate.Jeevan carries the meaning of life in the Punjabi language; this is symbolic of what this charity is aimed for. It believes the importance of a child being able to live a full life. The term gift is used as it is very positive and powerful; we no longer want to hope or believe, it is time to stand up and actually make a difference.
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Jeevan’s Gift foundation has been an inspiring movement formed by the birth of Jeevan Singh Dhaliwal. Since the birth of Jeevan he has bought great happiness and love within our family, he has made us realise how lucky we are and how many things we take for granted. It has shown us that the sanctity of life is so precious, and we are passionate to provide a positive impact to those who are most in need.Every family understands the importance of water, food and warmth. It has opened our eyes to the suffering that occurs in parts of the world today. Aspects which are often disregarded by society due to lack of education, guidance and awareness. We hope to bring these qualities through our work within the foundation through the support of the public. This has been a great pleasure for us to start upon this journey, from the strength and passion given by a new soul; Jeevan Singh Dhaliwal

We are a young, vibrant charitable organisation being formed with the hope to win the hearts of the British public.For many of us in the UK, we have the luxuries in life that only others can dream of. It is our way of life to spend money not only on necessities, but essentially on things that are materialistic and don’t hold any value.The Foundation hopes that you can join in gifting those in need, by sparing whatever you can afford every month, or by a one-off donation. This will provide us with the means of helping and saving lives, giving these children belief and courage to a better life.

We provide our children and family with food, education and joy, which these deprived areas can only dream of; now let’s spare a thought and consider a child walking miles for a drop of water? Struggling for a breath of air due to illness? Parents seeing their children die ce poste?

A small donation every month will go a long way if we work together to unite against poverty.

The greatest accolade for one is to help others in need. To make one feel that they have made a difference to a child’s life is the greatest gift of all.

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