Satinder Sartaaj at Jeevans Gift Foundation Charity gathering.

The prevalence of deafness in India is fairly significant. It is the second most common cause of disability. Approximately 63 million people (6.3%) in India suffer from significant auditory loss. Rehabilitation of hearing impaired children in India remains a challenging task. Early detection and intervention are the mainstay of this initiative . We at Jeevan’s Gift Fondation are working closely with local organisation on a programme in Kapurthala to help impaired children and make difference to their lives.

The Programme is generating following benefits:

Distribution of Hearing Aids to Children in Kapurthala, also providing various services like prevention, early identification, treatment,referral,rehablilitation etc for hearing impairment and deafness.
Improved Service Network with for people with hearing impairment in Kapurthala go here.
Awareness creations amongst grassroots workers and families of the children.
Community participation to prevent hearing loss through village bodies.
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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems installed in 125 Schools in Punjab


Jeevans Gift Foundaiton, has now installed 125  RO – Water purification systems in schools in punjab. Lack of clean drinking water is the major reason for water born disease in schools, this has resulted in loss of lives.  With RO systems we want to provide clean drinking water in schools across punjab and help eradicate diseases and provide children with better future.

Manpreet Singh


Jeevans Gift Foundation has installed Water purification system in School where Manpreet Singh studies. Several children in the school had fallen ill due to unclean drinking water. With water purification systems now installed, there is less danger of illness spreading in the school due to water.