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A child without water; child without shelter; a child without food; ACT NOW!

Why donating is so important

For many of us in the UK, we have the luxuries in life that only others can dream of. It is our way of life to spend money not only on necessities, but essentially on things that are materialistic and don’t hold any value.

The Foundation hopes that you can join in gifting those in need, by sparing whatever you can afford every month, or by a one-off donation. This will provide us with the means of helping and saving lives, giving these children belief and courage to a better life.

We provide our children and family with food, education and joy, which these deprived areas can only dream of; now let’s spare a thought and consider a child walking miles for a drop of water? Struggling for a breath of air due to illness? Parents seeing their children die?

A small donation every month will go a long way if we work together to unite against poverty https://india..alis/.

The greatest accolade for one is to help others in need. To make one feel that they have made a difference to a child’s life is the greatest gift of all.

How to donate:

The foundation wants to make donating easy and accessible; we have a number of user friendly methods including direct debits, collection boxes and GoCardless. You can use the system above to set up direct debits or alternatively make a one off donation.

Furthermore, collection boxes will be placed around businesses and other venues around the UK, so if you spot it; please fill it ! (spare any lose change please).

If you would like to send cheques or use any other methods for donating please send us an email.

Please email us with your suggestions and charity raising events and idea.

The key is we work together to raise is much as possible- in turn we will save lives and provide the greatest gift of all

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