Our Vision

our vision

our vision

Our working ethos

The primary purpose of the foundation is to prevent and relieve poverty to those children who are starving and dying from illness and hunger in today’s world. It is hard to believe that in the year 2012, we are still hearing and witnessing the vast loss of life of children. This is the harsh reality of the poverty-ridden areas across Asia and Africa. The access to clean water, food and shelter is taken for granted by us. These core necessities of survival are what we together can make available and facilitate to children across the globe with one simple donation; together we can make a difference.

We will provide water tanks, sewage systems, medical aids and much more that will give these poverty stricken areas the support they drastically need. This will provide these children with the chance of having a full life that they deserve.

Thought and intelligence will be used with the funds raised; they will make a difference to the standard of ones life. Examples will be to construct water tanks with sewerage systems to provide clean water for life, camps for free medication and vaccines which are vital for survival; these are all gifts4life, bringing courage and will to those deprived areas.

The website will be updated with videos and pictures of the progress the foundation has been able to achieve with your support in the coming future. We hope to introduce smartphone applications, making your efforts easily accessible, allowing you to witness the impact of your donations first hand.

The foundation hopes that you share our passion and vision, by working together, dreams can become reality. In years to come we hope to have saved thousands of lives (Jeevans).

The aims of the jeevans gift foundation

our vision aims

Without the support of the public we will be unable to reach any of these targets. It is the foundation’s belief and prayers that has touched us to share our passion to make a difference. It strives to reach the aims by carrying out a number of activities. We will be producing a mass number of charity boxes which will be placed in a number of retail outlets across the UK browse around here.

We would like to thank the support generated by TV channels that go across Europe, including Brit Asia TV and the Sikh Channel who are also very passionate about our cause.

sponsors of jeevans gift

With the help of key members in our community, volunteers and your support it is our vision that the foundation dream will become a reality.

We will organise various sponsored events, and concerts all in the aid of making money for our cause.

We are aware of today’s culture and the heavy reliance of social media. In turn, the use of social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and smart phones, the public will be able to easily donate or show support through these networks.

our vision children


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